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It is helpful to identify question types and the purpose of each type so that we can choose the most effective.

To gain information – most useful in getting the customer to talk about himself and therefore provide us with information. If you do not know what someone wants, asking open questions will help you begin to discover what the customers needs are.

• What
• Where
• Why
• When
• Who
• How


To confirm information – most useful for checking details/accuracy. Generally, a closed question requires a simple “yes” or “no” answer.


To give a choice of `this` or `that`

• “which would you prefer?”

Alternative questions give the customer a choice between something and something. The choice you would prefer the customer to take should be offered second.

True Response:

Gives an indication as to how the customer really feels about the solution.

• How does that sound to you?
• Is that OK with you?

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