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When meeting someone face-to-face, posture and body language are very important characteristics. Your physical posture, facial expressions and hand gestures will give the other person a clear indication of how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

When working on the telephone it is important for you to adopt the same posture as you would if face-to-face with the customer. The way you feel is directly linked to how you look. Your posture is a window into your feelings. Although your customer cannot see you, your telephone posture will effect the way you sound.

This is the basis of rapport. People like people like themselves. If you sound as though you understand me. I’ll probably react positively.

How many of the following do you do before, during, or after a conversation with your customer?

Posture Checklist

1. Fold arms during a call
2. Sit with legs crossed
3. Slouch in your chair
4. Lean on your elbow whilst speaking
5. Sit with a straight back
6. Hold your head up
7. Smile
8. ”Talk” with your hands
9. Shake your head while listening
10.Chew the side of your mouth
11.Speak through clenched teeth
12.Fiddle with desk items
13.Doodle while listening
14.Tap your pen
15.Verbally abuse the caller after the call

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