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Telephone training Handling telephone complaints p11

1. Listen without interrupting and let the customer vent
- lend an empathetic ear
- hear what is being said
- provide productive feedback

2. Respond using: GLAD/SURE/SORRY
- acknowledge customers’ feelings
- express empathy

3. Establish a rapport
- keep an open mind
- ask questions to clarify key points
- obtain the customers’ confidence
- state your commitment to service excellence

4. Focus on the solution
- be realistic about the problem
- use positive language
- state what you can do
- determine what will satisfy the caller
- agree on the solution

5. Summarise and close
- confirm agreements you reach
- be specific about next steps
- take action immediately

6. Follow through
- keep your word
- document actions on the database
- keep the customer informed
- make yourself available for follow-up

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