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presentation training Using notes p12

The mehod used varies from person to person. Some speakers prefer postcards, although these can restrict your hand movements. Others prefer a structured pattern note, with a logical sequence of ideas arranged around a central concept. Some still prefer a linear sequence of ideas. Whatever method you prefer, remember the following points:

  • Your writing must be readable from a distance. You should be able to read your notes at arms length, so you maintain eye contact with the audience.
  • Your notes should consist of main headings, supported by key words and phrases. Get your ideas down – the individual words will look after themselves. The exception to this would be quotations. If you write your speech out word for word, you will either read it, which should be avoided, or not follow it anyway.
  • If you use postcards use one card for the introduction, one for each theme, and one for the end.
  • If you use linear notes use double spacing.


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