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“The point of satiation is reached very soon after the peak of popularity”.

Dr Johnson

It is the speaker’s responsibility to check timings for the presentation and questions.

The only way to get timing right is to rehearse out loud because people think much faster than they speak (speaking average 140 words per minute).

A good idea is to use a stop watch to time the introduction and conclusion first, bearing in mind the importance of these parts of the presentation. You can then add or cut parts of each theme. Mark time checks against each key point, on your notes.

During your presentation you may wish to have some sort of aid such as:

- A clock in the room

- A watch placed in front of you

- A presenters timer

- Or a member of the audience may be willing to give a signal when you should wind up, say sixty seconds before sitting down.

Don’t be afraid to end early!
Often the audience will thank you.

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