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Your aim is to have all of your audience listen to, understand and enjoy everything you say for the whole of your presentation. In order to do this there are two questions we must ask; why and what.


There are two ways of answering this question:

  • The first way always states “BECAUSE”. “Because my boss asked me to…”. This is rather negative and backward looking. We need to go on to ask ourselves: “Why did he/she ask me to…”.

    This leads us to answer in the second way:

    • “WHAT do I want to ACHIEVE?” or “WHAT IS MY AIM?”


    We are often asked to give a talk about what we do, or to present a report on a project or to make a proposal. This is too broad. We have a right to ask further:

    • “Yes, Mr Smith, I will certainly give a talk for you. What do you want me to cover, who are the audience and how much do they know already?”

    Mr Smith would then tell us what specifically he wants to know:

    • “We have a group of …from the … visiting – they’ll have a vague knowledge about the subject – but I’d like you to give them some idea why there are so many types of … available and how we overcome the problems”.

    Now we know what information the audience needs. This allows us to define the purpose of the talk:

    • “IN ORDER TO inform … why there are different types of …”

    • “SO THAT they can appreciate the problems involved and how we can provide a more informed and better service to their customers.”

    Get the purpose clear to make sure that we communicate most effectively and efficiently with the audience.

    Always get the IN ORDER TO, WHAT AND WHY? … quite clear in your mind. This forces you to focus on the result rather than being content with a reason.


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