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Study the following tips on good listening, and then plan how you will improve your listening skills.

  • Prepare yourself to listen
  • If you do not feel interested in what is being said, ask yourself “Should I be?” If the answer is “yes”, then concentrate on the message and not the speaker
  • If you find that your mind easily wanders, consciously direct your thoughts towards the speaker/subject. Make mental summaries or take notes.
  • Maintain your attention by reviewing and weighing what is being said. This will help keep your mind from wandering.
  • Ask yourself “Am I letting my own ideas and prejudices affect my thinking?”
  • If you can’t hear clearly, don’t’ be afraid to clarify the point, or ask the other person to “speak up”.
  • Establish eye contact. This will help you to concentrate.
  • If you don’t understand, ask questions.
  • Be patient and make a real effort not to interrupt.
  • Use the customer’s own words to demonstrate interest and understanding.
  • Do not allow distractions to interrupt your train of thought. Remove them if possible.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Keep an open mind.
  • Keep looking for information you can use.
  • Learn to keep an open mind – look for the positive aspects of what is being said.
  • Listen between the lines for information and ideas.
  • Listen with your whole person. The most effective listening involves focusing all one’s attention on the speaker.

This part of the conversation should be so easy! However, this is the part of the call where enemies are made and friends are lost. Everything we have covered will help in your delivery. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – think like him! Use language to programme the desired response and positive feeling into the customer.

List below the pieces of information that you will be giving to the customer in the outbound call. Think about how you may want to say it :





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