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Telephone Etiquette p6

A Checklist for the Telephone Professional:

  • Always call back when you say you will (it’s good practice to give a timeframe for call-backs)
  • The only activity you should be doing whilst talking to a customer is concentrating on that person (NOT eating, reading, doodling, painting nails, etc)
  • Always pick up the phone after 3 rings
  • Never pretend you have been cut-off or blame a poor connection for anything
  • Never say, “I didn’t get the message”
  • Never say, “you’re through to the wrong department”
  • Always sit upright and smile (don’t pull faces, swear after a call or complain about stupidity of customers)
  • Always take the customers number before transferring
  • Explain to customers that you are going to put them through to “the best person to help them”

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