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Customer Dissatisfaction p20

The first important question is – why do customers get angry or difficult?
1.List below the causes:

2.Identify which of the above you can influence:

Not Influence



Listed below are five different types of behaviour. How many do you recognise?

    High control needs, aggressive, hostile. They talk loudly, are brash, insistent, intimidating, contradicting and can talk right over you. They are not interested in answers only in blaming. They need to win.
    These people highlight problems. They can only see the negative. The eternal pessimist – moan, moan, moan. They can quickly depress the people around them.
    These people are fully informed and personal friends with the Manager of every department! They know their systems and were technical advisors in a former life! They have any air of superiority, but often do not know what they are talking about.
    These people look for things that go wrong and will always find the smallest error. For this reason, they are rarely satisfied. These people need to be handled carefully and skill fully or they may get personal.
    These are the people who think are your friends e.g. you resolve a sticky situation, the guerrilla thanks you for all your help and then complains to the Manager.

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