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Your voice needs to sound professional and yet pleasant. Your customers will react to your vocal tone; in fact, they will mirror it. The concept of mirroring and matching is critical when working on the telephone.

Matching and mirroring are techniques used to establish rapport with the customer. The success of any person-to-person communication depends on the amount of rapport that exists between the people involved.

Remember – people will deal with you because they like and trust you. If they don’t like you, they will find somebody else to help them.

There will be some customers that you naturally and easily communicate with, there will be other times when it does not feel so natural. You will often hear people saying thinks like: “we just clicked”, “there was a chemistry between us”, “we saw eye to eye from the start”. They are describing RAPPORT.

How we look, talk and act contributes to a feeling or view in another person that “this person is like me” or “not like me”. These unconscious processes constitute 75-90% if all decisions.

Once we understand that communication occurs at both a conscious and unconscious level, then we can start to positively influence others through employing a variety of rapport building techniques. These techniques enable you to align yourself and pace another person.

The technique of matching and mirroring establishes you as a mirror for the other person by matching (to a lesser degree) their behaviour. No technique designed to establish rapport should be noticeable – this is NOT copying the other person, just gently making yourself like them. Once we have done this, we can start to pace and lead them.

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