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Aims and Objectives p1

This workshop aims to:

Equip participants with the skills required to confidently manage high levels of customer service. Participants will look at different types of customers and the ways in which they behave. Practical techniques and checklists will help delegates solve difficult situations and manage awkward customers. Participants will also be encouraged to develop greater understanding of their own behaviour and explore the effect it may have on others.

Delegates will learn to:

  •  Keep conversations on track using a conversation framework and call
    control techniques
  • Adapt own communication style to build rapport with the customer and
    show empathy for the customers situation
  • Use language that is `can do` and initiates a positive customer response
  • Ask probing questions to establish the customer’s requirements
  • Summarise and paraphrase important points back to the customer
  • Demonstrate a readiness and willingness to listen to the customer
  • Present their company in a positive manner
  • Design a call framework to keep control and sell additional products
  • Gain agreement from the customer on the next stage in the process

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