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Customer service training Customer Service Training

Dissatisfaction and frustration stem from a number of causes many of which cannot be resolved by customer services alone and cause can be summarised as deficiencies in providing the right products and services at the right quality at the right time. Our Customer Training Programmes improve the contribution of Customer Services staff in the five areas:
1. Managing Customers expectations
2. Communicating with customers effectively and appropriately
- ensuring that a minimum standard is always complied with
- instilling a culture of continual improvement
3. Developing Customer Relationships
- ensuring that their wishes and requests are dealt with appropriately
4. Recognising and acting on opportunities for selling further products and services
5. Building and marketing the brand

Benefits for customers
Receiving the right services to the right quality at the right time.
Customers feel that they have been 'heard' and understood and are confident that their
requests will be dealt with appropriately.
Improved customer satisfaction by word of mouth and reputation as customers appreciate that your people make promises they can keep and keep the promises.
Benefits for staff
More confident in their ability to manage customer conversations and to diffuse customers who are angry and upset.
Reduced stress as better questioning enables them to build up a complete understanding of customer needs and accelerates problem resolution.
Increased job satisfaction as relatively junior team members see how their contribution can positively impact customer satisfaction scores and bottom-line results.
Less time spent on fire fighting and rework as they have a shared service framework and set of skills to facilitate problem-solving conversations with colleagues.
Customer service teams and management using a shared language and demonstrating consistent skill models to talk about how they achieve customer satisfaction in their dealings internally and externally.
Increased productivity and as teams spend less time on heroic recoveries and fire-fighting and more time finding ways to make long term improvements.
More business from existing customers as teams work more closely to turn customer information into sales opportunities.
Enhanced market reputation as a customer focused organisation.
By careful research and development of workshops we can consider and practice solutions to known or likely situations. Even faulty goods can be forgiven and loyalty retained provided the situation is handled well.

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